Pasture-raised, free-range eggs

After a month of watching what we put into our bodies and being considerate of how our eating habits impact our environment, we recently made our first visit to our local farmers’ market and purchased farm-raised eggs.

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 4.28.13 PM
Beautifully imperfect eggs: I love that color!

I was a bit surprised when I opened the carton at first, as am accustomed to white eggs, as most Americans are, but the color was all the more intriguing. As I later read, the color of the shell and sometimes the yolk can give away if a hen was given antibiotics before laying the egg. I decided to give our new eggs their first test with scrambled eggs for breakfast this morning; there’s not much to hide their flavor, and its a simple, healthier breakfast than most counterparts. Our first impressions were good ones: the eggs were slightly larger, the taste was slightly more flavorful (not so eggy), and they cooked differently as well, giving us fluffier scrambled eggs. Continue reading


First Trip to the Farmers’ Market

As we start to consider not only how we live our lives but what we put into our bodies, it has become clear that some of the options sold in stores aren’t what we want to consume. Our preferred grocery store is HEB, which offers a lot of brands and varieties, but we never feel like the meat is the quality we want and we’ve been a little disappointed with the produce lately. That set us looking for alternatives. We have a Whole Foods in south Houston, but it’s almost an hour round trip with weekend traffic. Despite feeling like we have some of the best grocery options available, we felt like something was missing. Continue reading


It’s been a good while since my last post, but I have one of the best reasons for keeping my digital absence: we went on vacation and moved in the past three weeks! I have always thought of vacation as a break from stress, and many people see it similarly as removing themselves from reality altogether. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that it is better for me to look at it as an opportunity to realign myself and to try to refocus on finding peace to handle my daily life in a better way because that stress and my everyday challenges are still there when I get back home. My parents have learned to do their vacations right–they ship off (literally) to the Caribbean once a year where no once can reach them and spend six or seven days relaxing on the beach. They’ve come to love cruising so much that they decided to take all of us on a family cruise; the only catch was that the warm-weather goers were outvoted by the rest of us, so we packed up and set out to Alaska instead. This was a first cruise for me and my grandmother but the rest of the group were cruise experts. Continue reading