A Mindful Tuesday

There is nothing that beats the smell of a fresh cup of Earl Grey tea in the morning. It’s reminiscent of early autumn mornings and makes me think of rust-colored leaves and bookshops. I imagine myself in a scene from You’ve Got Mail, discussing bouquets of sharpened pencils and walking beside small markets on a crisp October morning. Of course, my morning is nothing like that; instead, I trade lanes with other commuters along a backed up highway and a too-small toll road for forty minutes before parking in a covered structure–concrete and the bustle of city business everywhere–but that smell of Earl Grey really does make my morning better. And that fragrant flavor lasts me well into my morning.

As I try to live more mindfully, I’ve begun listening to new-to-me, positive podcasts. One I recently discovered that has been very entertaining to me this week is The Simple Show. The host focuses on more than just minimalism and living with less but how to simplify life and live mindfully with a focus on being happy. She has a blog to pair with her podcast called The Art of Simple and offers an online course for discovering your passion and how to live more simply. Her podcast is free on iTunes and I highly recommend it for inspiration as well as entertainment. From discussions of Harry Potter’s influence to making time for blogging and just being mindful in your habits, the topics lead to honest conversation that has left me laughing at my desk throughout the day as well as finding my commute to feel a little shorter.

If you are needing a boost, I recommend downloading a few episodes and settling in with a cup of Earl Grey tea for a cozy October day.

How do you, dear reader, center yourself to be more mindful? Or perhaps more telling, what is your favorite morning tea?


3 thoughts on “A Mindful Tuesday

  1. Journaling and meditation are my two favorite ways to cultivate more mindfulness. And I’m normally a coffee person in the morning, but I’m slowly exploring the world of tea.

    P.s. thanks for the podcast recommendation. I just downloaded a few episodes and I’m looking forward to listening to them on my way to work tomorrow.


    1. I used to be a coffee drinker but find tea eases me into the day much better. Earl Grey and English Breakfast are my morning favorites, and straight or flavored white tea is wonderful for after dinner. I’m glad you are giving the podcast a listen! Let me know what you think or if you have any recommendations as well.


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