Thirty-Something Minimalist Is Now on Instagram!

My partner and I stumbled into Instagram last month when my mother asked us to join a monthly challenge for her blog. How surprised we were to learn that both of our mothers had Instagram accounts and we were much more advanced in their social media accounts than we were! After playing with it for a month, we’ve become a little more comfortable with it, and I realized the benefit of it several times when I had a picture that I wanted to share on here but didn’t think it warranted its own blog post. Enter Instagram!

I’m very excited to be able to use Instagram to share more in the way of minimalism with you as well. I’ll be using the account to share anything that relates to the blog–minimalism, low-waste lifestyle, making things at home, cooking and healthy eating–and hope to keep up the conversations as well as give you, my readers, more quick ideas for ways to embrace minimalism and low-waste in your own lives.

To follow me on Instagram, check me out at @thirtysomethingminimalist! And, if you have a related Instagram or know of good ones to follow for ideas and like-minded postings, let me know. I’d love to find new accounts.

Do you have an Instagram account I should follow? 


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