Today Will Be a Positive Day (Despite the Odds)

As a local radio station pointed out, if ever there was a day where a positive attitude was needed, that day is today. If you see the world as I do, you woke up to a fearful future for our country. And the shock of a cold shower was needed immediately. Coffee didn’t magically change the election results, but I did find a colorful “I didn’t vote for him” sticker that I’m thinking of ordering. So there’s that.

Instead of dwelling, I decided to look for the positive in today. As November has settled in the Gulf, weather that is nothing short of beautifully autumn has moved over the city. The past two days have provided temperatures in the mid-seventies, steel gray skies throughout the day, and the beginnings of that crisp breeze that ushers in the excitement of fall on my cheeks. The weather has made being out of doors so much more enjoyable, and added to my urge to drink more tea and less coffee. I always feel there is something about the autumn that brings out my want to be more British as well as bake. Perhaps fresh scones are in the near future as well.

Despite my changed schedule, adding time on the road home, I’ve found my lunch breaks in the courtyard of our complex, which is filled with trees and water features, to be the perfect place for reading each day. I don’t recall the last time I read so regularly and made it through a book so quickly. I’m on my second book in a week–and what an excellent read it is: The House between Tides by Sarah Maine. If ever you’ve wanted a suspense novel set in wonderfully descriptive Scottish Highlands, this book is for you.

I’m also making progress on my homemade Christmas gifts. While I’m not sure I’ll be able to accomplish everything I had hoped for gifts this year, just knowing that some gifts will be personalized and hopefully make those nearest to me feel appreciated is a great way to start the season! Not to mention I’m getting a lot of creativity out in the process.

These are just a few things that have me thankful and thinking positively today (and looking forward to reading more at lunch). As I progress in living intentionally, keeping a positive outlook is significant. It’s difficult to be happy without it.

What has you keeping a positive outlook today?


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