Major Savings: Post-Holiday Ham

The holidays are full of treats and sweets, and we had our fill this year. When we returned from visiting our families, one of the first things we had to do was refill our pantry and fridge. The shopping trip was a bit refreshing in that we were out of nearly everything, so we were able to start from scratch rather than make a list of items we were missing; however, we are always on the lookout for new meats to vary our meals. At our local HEB meat counter, we can find grass-fed options in ground beef, steaks, ground bison, bison cutlets, bison hotdogs, and ground turkey. There is also ground lamb, which made a delicious lamb shepherd’s pie, the perfect mid-winter meal, as well as bacon. But it still feels slightly limiting to us.

After leaving the meat counter without a full week’s basket of meat, I stumbled into the frozen kiosk between the packaged meats and cheeses while my partner socialized with the woman giving free samples–and that’s where I found it: pre-cooked holiday hams. Majorly discounted.

We have never taken on the task of cooking a full turkey or ham for a holiday meal, mostly because our mothers are so skilled at it that we’d rather help them and be guaranteed a tasty meal that try it ourselves and cause the fire department to make a holiday house call. And these hams were full holiday-sized–after looking through them, we picked a nearly seven-pounder that rolled around awkwardly in our cart. But what excited me most was the price.

$6.81. For almost seven pounds of ham including the bone!


Top it off with the fact that we had a brand new set of cooking knives, and we were excited to start cutting into that huge chunk of ham.


By the time we we had cut slices and wrapped them up to freeze, we had cut out six-meals-worth of ham, each of which fed both of us dinner and leftovers the next day. We calculated it up and figured that each individual meal cost us $0.25 for the meat. And it was good meat, tasty and fresh! We also saved the bone to use in a broth.

So our new knives did the work well and we have a new post-holiday meal prep tradition: majorly discounted ham to feed us through February.

Have you discovered any grocery hacks for saving big?


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