Zero Waste Christmas: Sycamore Leaf Tags

As Christmas comes closer, less than a week away now, some of us are wrapping up our last few presents. In an effort to keep our Christmas as close to zero waste as possible, I not only chose craft paper for wrapping so that it can be recycled–also keeping a simple look for presents–I am using natural items for decorating our packages. We found all of my package decorations in nature to minimize our impact on nature during the holiday season.

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Environmental Impressions of Southern California

We recently returned from several days in southern California, and it treated us well, especially with the weather which stayed in the mid-eighties and low-nineties with practically no humidity.  The people were polite as well, and I couldn’t get over how relaxed the traffic was every time we went out onto the road. Granted we were mostly in a suburb of Anaheim and along the coast, so we didn’t have to experience the traffic of L.A. proper, which is one of only three cities known to have comparable or worse traffic than Houston. Regardless, relaxed and polite driving is one of the things for which I have to commend southern California because I don’t think I have ever been so happy to drive below the speed limit or let people merge in front of me as I was on our outings this past week. It made the trip all the more relaxing. That wasn’t all of course; a few impressions stuck with us throughout the week in addition to the chill drivers.

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