Minimalist & Less-Waste Planning for Holiday Trips

This holiday had us traveling and giving and opening gifts are both of our families’ abodes, which I didn’t truly digest until a few days before we set out for our trips. As I started packing for our trip, I realized there were a lot of items we wanted to take with us that were either going to create waste by us using them or were going to create waste just by nature of what they were (such as gift wrap). For the first time we had to consider how we were going to create a footprint on our trips and how we could accommodate the issue.

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A Week’s Shopping

We returned from our trip a little over a week ago and, because we had purposefully done little shopping before we left town, we had to restock our kitchen. Aside from a few meats that held over well in the freezer, we needed most items, including vegetables, fruits, and snacks. We’ve tried to be more conscious of what foods we buy with the idea that we want to control what goes into our bodies. We also have to work on a budget, however, and we only allow ourselves to splurge occasionally and on certain items, primarily organic vegetables, leaner meats such as bison, preferably locally farmed, and specialty cheeses. The first two are for healthier eating to control the ingredients; the cheeses are simply because we both love cheese and often use it to add flavor, so it is a simple way to vary our ingredients.

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A Mindful Tuesday

There is nothing that beats the smell of a fresh cup of Earl Grey tea in the morning. It’s reminiscent of early autumn mornings and makes me think of rust-colored leaves and bookshops. I imagine myself in a scene from You’ve Got Mail, discussing bouquets of sharpened pencils and walking beside small markets on a crisp October morning. Of course, my morning is nothing like that; instead, I trade lanes with other commuters along a backed up highway and a too-small toll road for forty minutes before parking in a covered structure–concrete and the bustle of city business everywhere–but that smell of Earl Grey really does make my morning better. And that fragrant flavor lasts me well into my morning. Continue reading